Great Dane Puppies
Great Dane Puppy
Great Dane
Great Dane

Great Dane Puppies born on 31st July 2005, colours are Harlequins, blacks and blue merls both Dogs and Bitches
Harlequin Great Dane Puppies for sale
Our harlequin Great Dane Bitch has just had her first litter of Puppies! The father is a boston Great Dane dog, both Mum and Dad are a good size, especially mum who is very tall for a bitch. Both have exceptional temperaments and are wonderful with children, the puppies should all be outstanding companions and wonderful family dogs. We have 3 show marked Black Bitches, 2 harlequins, 1 Dog, 1 Bitch and a lovely Blue Merl boy! All the pups are lovely big chunky pups.
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Great Dane Puppies for sale

Great Danes are the love of my life. I have two very beautiful bitches of which the youngest has Great Dane Pupsproduced 6 beautiful puppies. Lilly, my older bitch, was looking on with lots of advice! If you are interested in owning a Great Dane Puppy and would like some advice sheets or if you would like to be notified when new photos are added to these pages please e-mail me or phone me on 01239 851713 or 07786331316 and I will keep you informed of progress!

This is the Harlequin Bitch Puppy that has become available due to no fault of her own! If you would like to see more up to date photos of her please click here. These puppies will be given the best start in life with mum being fed only the best food to produce the best milk! At 10 days old, or when their eyes open, they will start being fed best raw mince beef. By the time they are 2-3 weeks old they will be on 3 feeds a day moving on to 5 feeds at 4 weeks and this will continue until they leave for their new homes. They will be wormed every fortnight with alternate wormers and will be weaned on to ewes replacement milk. This will help to ensure that they grow into strong and healthy puppies. The Puppies will be reared in a loving family environment with children and if they are anything like their mother will be very loving.

Delivery is available, infact I like to do this as I get to see where the puppies are going! People who are interested in the puppies are more than welcome to come and meet the clan when they are a little older.

Dane PuppiesStyle Princess, Grace to her friends, is a well marked harlequin. She is 34 inches high at the shoulder, which is large for a bitch and is well proportioned. Grace has a wonderful personality and is exceptionally loving as can be seen from the photos! Above she has just given birth and is tending to her litter yet she still doesn't mind my son giving her a hug and a kiss or stroking her pups! The next page has thumbnails, with larger images of grace her puppies.

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Dane PuppiesHarlequin Puppy Dog

If you are visiting this page then you have probably already decided that you would like a Great Dane puppy and hopefully you have given consideration to the responsibility of owning a Dane. If you have not owned a Great Dane before then make sure when you go to see a puppy that you spend time with the adult dogs before being enchanted by the puppies. This will enable you to judge what having a dog of this size living with you would be like. Try and take your immediate family with you to be sure that they will be happy with your choice as well.

Harlequins are the Rolls Royce of Great Danes due to the difficulty in breeding a well marked puppy. They should be white in colour (not speckled) with well torn, irregular patches of black or blue for a blue harlequin (even rarer!) Nose and nails should be black but a nose with black spots or a fleshy nose are still allowed to show. You will notice that usually if a puppy has black spots on the nose the nose will go black as the puppy matures, you can see this in the photos of Grace as a puppy and adult. If you are just after a pet the colour rules will not really matter, it will be how much the puppy makes your heart jump when you see him!

If you would like any further information about owning a Great Dane, please do not hesitate to contact me.

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Great Dane Puppies