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Coryn Web Design, Ceredigion web design company
Coryn Web is a Ceredigion based web design, hosting, marketing and training service to help you get your business online and successful. From web promotion to full e-commerce, Coryn Web can offer specially optimised web sites that register high rankings with the search engines and are stylish, easy to navigate and quick to load
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Coryn Web Design offers professional consultation and a no nonsense approach to website design. We will customise your site to suit the needs of your business and clients. We will realise:

  • How best to convey the fundamental value proposition of your business
  • Determine and implement the most appropriate layout of the site
  • Ensure ease of end-user navigation
  • Create the correct balance between graphics and text
  • Optimise the quality and style of language and expression used
Coryn Web will take your project in hand personally as it is important to understand what it is your company does and know how best to reflect that with a bespoke site. We will give you a stylish individually designed site, not a site based on templates that make your site ordinary and easily forgotten and similar to so many others. We use the latest software allowing cross-browser compatibility and helping to ensure that the search engines will list your site, making certain that your site receives a much greater audience and reaches it's business objective. .

We do not believe in being technically smart unless there is a need for it, although we can implement the very latest technology if you want us to! Sites that use frames, for example, do not register as well on the search engines and can be difficult to log in a browser's Favourites list or Bookmarks folder. Complicated Java scripting and animations cause pages to load slowly risking a potential customer clicking away to your competitors site in preference to yours. Coryn Web will only use these where they are needed and optimise them to achieve the quickest download times possible.

If you currently have a web site we can still help by providing a tuning service, make over or simply just promoting your site properly to ensure that your original investment is optimised.

Remember your customers are online so shouldn't you be?

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