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Coryn Web Design, Ceredigion web design company
Coryn Web is a Ceredigion based web design, hosting, marketing and training service to help you get your business online and successful. From web promotion to full e-commerce, Coryn Web can offer specially optimised web sites that register high rankings with the search engines and are stylish, easy to navigate and quick to load
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Web Marketing

Hosting can be arranged and delt with for you or you can use your own service provider, the choice is yours.

A successful business web site is not just about design - it's a combination of factors of which web hosting is one. Your choice of service provider is important for a variety of reasons, these include:

Connectivity, Speed and Reliabilty - The average attention span of a Web surfer is a mere 20 seconds and your competition is always just a click away if load times and connectivity aren't fast, reliable, and browser-compliant. Slow load times due to an overburdened server will send your customers elsewhere. Furthermore, a long update-to-live lag time can be disastrous - especially if you have a large, constantly fluctuating inventory.

Meeting Your Needs - Make sure your host is big enough to accommodate your future needs, as well as your present ones but on the other hand, don't empty your bank account paying for services you don't need.

Ensure that there is some sort of written agreement regarding service, which ideally will provide you with financial compensation in the event of failure.

Security - Check Your hosts security, the only thing worse than having no security is thinking you have some.

Professional - what sites do they host - This is important if you are not going to use a static IP address, other sites hosted on your server that spam search engines or have unexceptable content will mean that your site will be tarred with the same brush and may not be excepted for listing.

Whether you already have a business web site or are about to establish one, Coryn Web invite you to contact us for a no-obligation quotation of what we can offer to best suit your needs or you can use your own service provider, the choice is yours.

If you would like a no-obligation quotation for commercial web hosting please contact us - we are happy to take your enquiry by e-mail or telephone.

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